Wok what material is better?
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Wok essential kitchen utensils, a lot of people noticed when buying wok wok only the price and appearance, do not pay attention to wok material, in fact, wok material directly related to the extent of the loss of food and nutrition, so what material is good with a wok?

First, what material good with wok

One study showed that wok cooking vegetables can reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables. Researchers with cucumber, tomato, cabbage, cabbage and so on seven kinds of fresh vegetables experiments. The results showed that: Using the wok cooked dishes, saving vitamin C content was significantly higher than that of stainless steel and non-stick pan. Researchers believe that vitamin C intake increased from the body and health considerations should be the preferred wok cooking vegetables. Although aluminum pots cooking can retain more vitamin C, but the soluble aluminum elements bad for your health.

In addition, the salt can be saved when fry vegetables when more salt than unripe vitamin C, but also reduce moisture seeping vegetables, to ensure its fresh taste. Often wok cooking, to prevent iron deficiency anemia benefits.

1, is to ask the pot a thickness of 5 mm or more of the three, the best of the best 4 mm. This is because the temperature requirements Smokeless a stable conductive medium, which is the thickness of one hand help pot pot heat storage thermal shock is not easy, but it is also conducive to maintaining the overall stability of temperature.

2, is to ask the wok thermal capacity to be strong to be fast, from fast to slow metal silver rank> Cu> Al> Fe> stainless steel. Silver is too expensive, too expensive copper, pot, then do a bit wasted, but, there are poisonous patina copper, aluminum thermal velocity just exactly the price is right, and iron will rust and thermal conductivity is not very good thermal conductivity of stainless steel is not strong. Although very beautiful, and it is the thermal conductivity of aluminum as the most appropriate media, so now Smokeless basically use aluminum as the base material, but to prevent damage to the aluminum body, aluminum requires a good package isolation up, it will go through a process that is hard anodized, aluminum closed, while strengthening the surface hardness and strength, through this process the original white became black aluminum on the side, so you see the smoke basically pot is black, there is a three-layer steel pot (also known as composite diamond, remember that this does not mean double bottom stainless steel pots and pans is only in Chinese cooking) with aluminum upper and lower rigid stainless steel composite up! just say the first is to ask the pot pot heat capacity stronger faster.

3, is a reasonable suitable temperature operation of the fire is your source control, and the reason why non-smoking, non-smoking pan, pot pot temperature is to be locked in the volatile point of the oil to 240 degrees (depending on the purity of the oil may be more the higher the high volatility point, vegetable oil, soybean oil, basic is not recommended you can use a little better blend oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, etc.) if you drive big fire wok, then what you will be burned out smoke to master the method, so Usually they meet the above two plus a third point their reasonable control we can achieve the effect of smoking, and normal operation is to use the fire to warm-up the whole pot 2 to 3 minutes, just about the same time into the fire three steel fire had proper tone small, pour oil on it, in short, it is the first fire and then a small fire on the right!

Second, pay attention to what iron wok

Iron Wok cooking is home to the most commonly used in the purchase and use, there are some problems that need attention.

1, ordinary wok easy to rust, if the body to absorb too much iron oxide, that is rust, it will harm the liver. Experts said that the wok is easy to rust, not serving food overnight. At the same time, try not to use a wok soup, so it does not rust surface protection wok food oil disappears. When the backboard should be minimal detergent to prevent the protective layer brush to do. After brushing the pot, but also try to wipe the pot of water, to prevent rust. If there is a slight rust, vinegar can be used for cleaning.

2, when buying a wok, first look at the pot surface is smooth, and then see if there are holes and leakage. Under normal circumstances, when you are using the wok just a little rough, this is unavoidable, use a long time will become smooth. Ear wok pan is best to use wood or other insulating material wrapped, this can be avoided during the operation because of high temperature wok ear burns.

3, wok new wok before use must first remove the smell. You can add salt in the pot, salt fried yellow, then add water and oil in the pot to boil again. To get rid of the smell, you can put a little tea in the pot, add boiling it. To iron taste, you can put some potato skins to cook.

4 In addition, should not use the wok cooking bayberry, hawthorn, crabapple and other acidic fruits. Because of these acidic fruits contain acid, can cause a chemical reaction after encountering iron to produce low iron compounds may cause poisoning after eating. Wok and cook green beans also hanged because Yuba tannin substance contained in the case of iron will happen after a chemical reaction to produce a black tannic iron, and mung bean soup to black, affect the taste and the body's digestion and absorption .

5, wok easy to rust, not serving food overnight. At the same time, try not to use a wok soup, so it does not rust wok surface protective layer of cooking oil disappeared. When the backboard should be minimal detergent, cooking oil to prevent this layer "protective layer" brush is best. After brushing the pot, but also try to wipe the pot of water, to prevent rust. If there is a slight rust, vinegar can be used for cleaning.