Remove the new pot smell
Time:2016-04-20 Click:3765
New rust wok:
When the new pan filled with water, put about 100 grams of alum, boil 1 hour, scrub, wash water drained, and then put the pot on the fire to dry, baked until hot, hot in the pot, all outer coat of cooking oil (oil allow better penetration), you can use the pan until cool.

How to remove odor wok:

1, empty pot burning odor. There was a smell of new wok. Before use, and burnt an empty pot, then add hot water and cook 1 vegetable scraps quarter of an hour, that is, except the smell.

2, waste tea odor. Wok a smell, first using waste tea scrub, then rinse, that is, except the smell.

3, in addition to the pot chopsticks can grease taste. Pan fried food, there will be grease smell when boiling water, if boiling water in the pot put a pair of chopsticks without oil, grease smell can be removed.

Application Note: The common wok easy to rust, if the body receives too much iron, that is rust, it will harm the liver. Experts said that the wok is easy to rust, not serving food overnight. At the same time, try not to use a wok soup, so as not to maintain their appearance does not rust wok cooking oil layer disappears. Detergent should be minimal when the backboard to prevent the protective layer is brush do. After brushing the pot, but also try to wipe the pot of water, to prevent rust. If there is a slight rust, vinegar can be used for cleaning.